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Meet Me

Woman sitting slouched on a chair in a poofy tulle dress. Taken from the shoot - I Didn't Go to Prom.

Everything I do is born from my deep love for creating. Creating worlds with words, seeding new ways of seeing, nurturing brands into bloom.

Creation, creativity, and curiosity are at the heart of all I do. I specialise in the art of storytelling, bringing my expertise to copywriting, content creation, creative direction, and brand identity.

I also write short stories, essays, and creative non-fiction.

Copy & Content

Copywriting has given me the ability to try on different voices and put myself in various shoes as I tell stories for markets as diverse as luxury footwear, real estate, online retail and design companies, and even independent artists. After years as a freelance copywriter, I have crafted a unique approach to copy and branding rooted in storytelling and characterisation. I aim to help my clients put the heart back into their branding and copy, and I absolutely love doing it.

If you would like to get an estimate or schedule a free consult to get a sense of my storytelling-based approach, please email me at

Creative Direction

This is a space for me to play and expand my creative capabilities. I have worked in creative direction and styling. I love collaborating with local artists and brands to create new and genre-bending projects.

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to discuss a possible collaboration, arrange a consultation for an upcoming project or just pick my brain.

Creative Writing

A love of words and all they can do is the wellspring of my creativity. I got started in Creative Writing under Dr Alwyn Roux at the University of South Africa and continued studying literature at Rhodes University.

I am currently working on an art book combining photography and creative writing with a local photographer. You can read my monthly musings and personal essays here.

+27 81 422 3655

johannesburg, south africa

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